Ramnath Family

Senior Pastors Pepe Ramnath, accompanied by his wife, Angela Ramnath and the Evangelistic Team, formerly known as “Florida Trinidad Ministries”, founded Miramar Christian Community Center through the instruction of the Holy Spirit in 1995. Senior Pastors Pepe and Angela Ramnath have three children; Matthew, Joshua and Leah. They are dedicated and loving parents to their three natural children, as well as nurturing, supportive, spiritual parents to the body of Miramar Christian Center. Pastor Pepe Ramnath’s ministry is especially known for its Atmosphere of the Holy Spirit, where there are mighty manifestations of God’s miraculous healing power. Many are healed from all manner of diseases, filled with the Holy Spirit and established in a lifestyle of good character through the rich, insightful and revelatory Word of God, empowered by the Holy Spirit.. Pastor Pepe and Angela Ramnath has supportive a leadership team that assist them in fulfilling the vision of this ministry.


Our church family has five very clear and distinct core values that we strive to actually live out daily.

  • Core Value #1 – Kingdom Community
  • Core Value #2 – Servant Leadership
  • Core Value #3 – Evangelism / Missions
  • Core Value #4 – Education
  • Core Value #5 – Prayer / Worship / Presence

And at the heart of the ministry we have sixteen belief convictions that are held to be true to our congregation. Our leadership continuously works hard to establish and develop a culture of diplomacy.


Our facility serves our community through the following:

  • 1st Tuesday – Royal Eagles’ Men Club
  • 2nd Tuesday – Esther’s Gathering Womens Group
  • 3rd Tuesday – Kings Heart Prayer
  • Every Friday – Fire Power Youth Movement
  • 4th Tuesday – Leadership mentoring
  • 5th Tuesday – Family & Marriage

We heavily honor our Senior Citizens with the respect of their decades of knowledge, experiences and wisdom.


The Miramar Kingdom Community Center (MKCC) facility is both eco friendly and epigenetic in nature. As an eco-friendly facility, we have chosen environmentally unique plants, flowers, soils, etc. for the purpose of making our surrounding friendly to people and the church surroundings. “Epigenetics” is how the environment affects a person’s DNA, genetics and their well-being. Our surroundings invite the community to come and be made whole through Kingdom standards. Exodus 25:8 “Let them construct a sanctuary (An enclosed, specialized environment) for Me, that I may (Corporately, environmentally and epi-genetically) dwell among them.

8 Let them construct a sanctuary (An enclosed, specialized environment) for Me, that I may (Corporately, environmentally and epi-genetically) dwell among them.

Exodus 25:8

New Scientific research has shown that there are many medical benefits (regulated Interleukin-6) to assembling ourselves (HEB 10:25) on the first day of the week (Acts 20:7). Source: IL-6 in Inflammation, Immunity, and Disease. PMID: 25190079

This facility will provide a detailed and healthy environment through its epi-genetically engineering design to help in the process of healing physical, mental and spiritual illnesses during its assembly.

This facility will speak!